The Batsheva de Rothschild workshop for inter-disciplinary research
Autism: from biology to behavior
Beit Daniel, Zichron Yaakov, Israel

Sunday, Feb 1 2009

Opening - Dr. Sola Shelly, Sola Shelly, President ACI - the Autistic Community of Israel - Science in the autistic community
Opening lecture Prof. Joe Piven, Sarah Graham Kenan Professor of Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Psychology.Director, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, University of North Carolina,USA - Imaging the developing brain in autism
Session 1: Neuropeptides, ASD and social behavior
Dr. Ayelet Ben-Sasson, University of Haifa
keynote lecture Dr. Simon Shamay-Tsoory, University of Haifa, Israel - The neural basis of social cognition and empathy
Dr. Ofer Golan, Bar-Ilan University, Israel - Screening Israeli Adults for ASD An initial evaluation of the hebrew version of the autism spectrum ouotient
Dr. Nirit Bauminger, Bar-Ilan University, Israel- Friendship in high functioning ASD
Session 2: Developments in ASD genetics and Etiology
Dr. Sagiv Shifmann, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Keynote lecture Prof. Richard Ebstein, Hebrew University, Israel- The molecular genetic architecture of human social cognition: implications for autism
Dr. Yoav Kohn, Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem - Genetic findings in autism - an update
Dr. Shlomo Wagner, University of Haifa, Israel- Oxytocin receptor as a potential link between the immune system and ASD
Round table discussion:
Prof. Nils Brose, Prof. Aron Weller, Prof. Cory Shulman