The Batsheva de Rothschild workshop for inter-disciplinary research
Autism: from biology to behavior
Beit Daniel, Zichron Yaakov, Israel

Monday, Feb 2 2009

Opening lecture Prof. Nils Brose, Max Planck Inst. for Experimental Medicine, Germany- Autism as a synaptopathy - synaptic and behavioral dysfunction in mouse models of monogenic heritable autism

Session 3: Sensory processing and repetitive behavior in ASD
Prof. Avi Karni, University of Haifa

 Dr. Dorit Ben Shalom, Ben-Gurion University, Israel- What is known about the neural basis of repetitive movements?


 Dr. Einat Gal, University of Haifa, Israel- The relationship between sensory processing disorders, and repetitive movements, in children with Autism


 Dr. Yoram Bonneh, Weizmann Inst., Israel- Mono-channel processing and hyper perception in cases of severe autism


 Dr. Ayelet Ben Sasson, University of Haifa, Israel- Sensory subgroups of  young children with ASD


Session 4: A view into the autistic brain
Yoram Bonneh, Weizmann Institute of Science


 keynote lecture Dr. Kamila Markram, Brain Mind Institute, EPFL Switzerland - Intense world theory of autism


 Prof. Henry Markram, Brain Mind Institute, EPFL, Switzerland - How hyper-functional neocortical circuits could affect information processing


Dr. Dafna Ben Bashat, Tel-Aviv University, Israel- White matter structure in young subjects with autism: evidence from diffusion tensor imaging


Round table discussion:
Prof. Kobi Rosenblum, Prof. Talma Hendler, Dr. Ofer Golan