The Legal Protection of the State Offences Against the State
Coinciding with the publication of the Book: Offences Against the State by Khalid Ghanayim and Mordechai Kremnitzer


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Chair: Dr. Khalid Ghanayim, Faculty of Law and Haifa Center for German and European Studies(HCGES), University of Haifa
Prof. Yossi Ben-Artzi
, Rector, University of Haifa
Prof. Arye Z. Carmon, President, Israel Democracy Institute, Jerusalem
Dr. Amos Morris-Reich, Director, Bucerius Institute, University of Haifa
Prof. Niva Elkin-Koren, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa



Offences Against the State An Overview

Dr Khalid Ghanayim, Faculty of Law and HCGES 00:11:43

The Austrian Law on Offences Against the State

Prof. Frank Hoepfel, Faculty of Law, University of Vienna and and Judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), The Hague


The Reform of German Law on Offences Against the State

Prof. Ulrich Sieber, Director, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International  Criminal Law, Freiburg 00:39:00

The State as Victim

Prof. Markus Dubber, Faculty of  Law, University of Toronto 00:27:45

The Reform of the Offences against the State in Italy

Prof.  Vincenzo Militello, Director of the Department of Criminal Law and  Criminology, Palermo University 00:33:59

Proposed Reform on Offences Against the State

Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and The Israel Democracy Institute 00:23:00



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